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Resource Monitor by Freedom Robotics is now live! As part of the launch, we are making it so that anyone can test out our platform free for a whole year. Use code "MONITOR" (case sensitive) to access it today!

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Partner Webinar: MiR and Freedom Robotics Present Teleoperation for AMRs

Industrial robotics is one of the fastest growing verticals in the space and an area that our team is very familiar with. It goes without saying that we were all excited to be able to partner with MiR on June 25th, 2020, at their fourth virtual roundtable to join in the discussion around "Industrial Applications & Systems for Robots". 

MiR Partner Webinar - Industrial Applications & Systems for Robots

We had the opportunity to present alongside some of the best logistics companies in Europe. Our friends at Olympus Controls even provided us with MiR robots so that we could do a live demo of low-latency control to an audience in Europe with our engineer operator in California. The test was a success - operating robots from hundreds of miles away! You can watch the full presentation below:


MiR Virtual Roundtable 4 - Industrial Applications & Systems for Robots. Featuring Industrietechnik GmbH from Germany, KK-tech from Denmark, Freedom Robotics from the USA, and DLL from Holland. Freedom Robotics presentation starts at 30:57


What is Pilot?

Freedom’s Pilot view enables robots to ship now, backed by operators:

  • Built on Web, allowing mobile, tablet and desktop interfaces
  • Drive - Use Pilot as a Driving Tool
  • Realtime 3d Environment - Transformation trees, occupancy grids, static and dynamic costmaps, lidar, planned paths, odometry
  • Custom Command Injection - Named static JSON payloads on topics or callbacks like unlock, dock, pause, play, brew coffee, pick a part or try again
  • Navigation Stack Support including navigation waypoint injection, goals and relocalization commands through the Freedom Pilot UI
  • WebRTC Teleoperation - View camera feeds and send commands with low latency browser to robot communication
  • Fault Expectant - Buffering, compression and fast automatic reconnect to handle intermittent internet dropouts

act-groupFreedom Robotics Pilot allows you to view overlays of robotics data like indoor maps, GPS, transformations, planned path and lidar while giving you controls like joysticks, goal based navigation, saving routes, executing plans, commanding picks.


Ship Quickly and Increase Uptime on your AMRs With The Right Tools

Freedom lets you have standard, scalable and mature tools for building, deploying and managing your AMRs. We have seen customers have extremely significant increases in uptime, quality and issue identification in the first week of deploying simply by being able to see, respond to and resolve issues in real-time and where the data is available to the right people in the right ways.


Try it out today

Our system can work on any logistics platform. Check out our documentation for more information on Pilot features. Or get going today by signing up for a free trial, or ping us on chat!

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