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Freedom Robotics: Seed Round and Coming out of Stealth

Joshua Wilson (CEO)
Joshua Wilson (CEO) | 1 min read
Jul 24, 2019 |

News & Company Culture

Freedom Out Of Stealth

Welcome To A Future of Freedom

My name is Joshua Wilson, and I am the CEO of Freedom Robotics. Today, I am incredibly proud and honored to be able to announce $6.6M in Seed Round funding for Freedom Robotics. Support from the top VC firms in the world like Initialized Capital, Toyota AI Ventures, and S28 Capital has further accelerated our team in providing the best tools, services, and infrastructure needed by new and veteran robotics companies to build, scale, and operate everything from prototypes to fleets of thousands of robots.

Robotics feels like web development and e-commerce were in 2002 - poised to disrupt every existing business in the real world, but still stuck with legacy methods and very few business-worthy "building blocks" to power a fast moving frontier industry. Many of us are stuck building tools and infrastructure, and spend 90% of our time "making something (just barely) work" and only 10% iterating with users and customers toward "making a product people want".

Thought Experiment: What would your response be to any modern software company that told you they were running all custom server hardware, had written a custom web server on top of that, and after spending 2 years doing that, were now finally able to iterate on their app (but had spent 90% of their funding)?

This is robotics in 2019, and the world's best founders and teams deserve better. Building a robot should be as easy as writing an iOS app or building a website on top of AWS, so we're building the software tools to make this a reality.


A Toast To Our Future

We have really amazing customers at all stages that love and trust our product to do the heavy lifting for them, and I am extremely happy that our Seed Round investors believe in us too. You can learn more from our coverage in Tech Crunch, The Robot Report, and VentureBeat to name a few.

Here’s to a (near) future where robots do the dull, dirty, and dangerous jobs.

Joshua Wilson
CEO of Freedom Robotics

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