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Should You Build with ROS?

As technology rapidly increases in virtually every industry, the need to equip your business with tools and technology that drive your business forward has never been more important. And, when it comes to maximizing accuracy and efficiency in the workplace, robotics is the future.

Many companies, whether they’ve already established themselves with robots or are just starting to dip their toes in the water, are faced with an important question at one point:

Should you build with ROS?

The open-source ROS platform, or Robotics Operating System, can help take your operating capacity to the next level regardless of what industry you’re in.

When deciding whether or not to install ROS, you need to first determine the complexity of your robot. Code from the ROS will have to be able to effectively communicate with your robot, and every robot is designed differently.

It's important to consider a number of different factors, including CPU resources and hardware capabilities. If  ROS is incompatible with your robot, the results could be lackluster.

What are Your Requirements?

It's important to keep in mind exactly the type of tasks your robot is performing. Every task will vary in its complexity and require different technical specifications. Failure to properly set up ROS on your robot could render it unable to perform the intended tasks.

Budget is another significant consideration. After all, ROS can help your robot operate more efficiently, getting more work done in a shorter amount of time, reducing labor costs while increasing productivity and profitability. However, it does require an upfront investment that you’re going to have to take into account.

You’ll also want to consider what your security protocols are. This is something you'll need to determine before installing ROS for controlling your robots so that you won't risk encountering potential security issues down the line.

Getting Started with ROS

When it comes to getting started and best practices, ROS actually comes with a steep learning curve. And because this middleware is open-source, there's not a lot of basic user guides available to study and learn from.

However, there are a few that can help you get started:

If your robot is overly simplistic, especially when the robot lacks enough processing power or intelligence, ROS may not be for you. After all, ROS is a complicated system that's capable of far more than a basic robot can achieve.

If you’re looking to get started with a trusted ROS that will empower your team, look no further. Sign up today to the world’s leading API-first robotics control, monitoring, and management platform.

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