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The Next Generation: Freedom Robotics - Enterprise Edition

Nick Cortes
Nick Cortes | 2 min read
Jul 05, 2022 |

Future of Robotics

On the heels of months of heads-down work, our team proudly rolled out the next iteration of the Freedom Robotics Platform in April of this year. The response from customers has been overwhelmingly positive.



Improving the Experience for Operators

One of the primary changes you’ll see is improved navigation and new easy-to-use tools. The Freedom Robotics Command Center, accessible from anywhere in the app, is a global navigation tool that has been built taking into account how operators interact with robotic fleets on a daily basis. 

With faster load times, real-time visuals, and a “Single Pane of Glass'' dashboard, users are able to see in real-time where their robot fleet is located, without consuming a large amount of CPU resources. Our Heat Map functionality has been very popular thanks to its ability to show clear areas of friction in the manufacturing process. It has been helping customers optimize their workflows to increase the output of their robotic investments by clearly identifying where and why the most common interruptions to their operations occur. The Heat Map feature shows alerts generated with their corresponding location in the factory. Freedom provides multiple filtering options to identify the types of errors occurring, the duration, and on which devices - making it easy for the operators to get to the root cause and identify long-term solutions. 

Implementing Learnings

For the last couple of years having access to remote tools has been instrumental during the implementation of new robotic systems. We implemented new capabilities to make it easier for operators and process engineers to access the information they need to drive continuous improvement initiatives and drive operational efficiency up—even when physically accessing the floor is not an option. New dashboards, reports, and remote-enabled configurations have been at the forefront of the improvements we included in this new update, making it easier than ever for users to organize and manage large fleets of robots.

We now provide the ability to group devices into one ecosystem where all interactions are done through that viewpoint. This results in a rich experience that highlights how the nesting of fleets and the actual organization and interoperability of devices in modern robotic automation fleets work. 


The Fleet Control capabilities and Heat Map features in the Freedom Robotics Enterprise suite provide instant insight into all devices in a fleet, highlighting where process changes may need to be made in order to increase efficiency. In the end, an app is a communication tool that will empower managers and their direct engineers to work more efficiently together. 


We look forward to sharing more details about the new features of Freedom Robotics in future posts. If you’d like to take a look around, click the button below to book a demo with us today. Let us show you how Freedom can plug into your Enterprise and help you leverage robotics technology for increased operational effectiveness. 

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