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Resource Monitor by Freedom Robotics is now live! As part of the launch, we are making it so that anyone can test out our platform free for a whole year. Use code "MONITOR" (case sensitive) to access it today!

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How COCO eliminated a year of R&D and launches within 48hrs of receiving hardware

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Invento Robotics saves 10 months of development time and introduces new hospital robots during COVID-19

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Balaji Viswanathan

CEO Invento Robotics

“Our first experience with Freedom was during a very unique circumstance. Not only were we on a tight timeline but we were trying to launch something during a global pandemic and lockdown. The Freedom team was absolutely great—could not have asked for better support.”

Zach Rash

Zach Rash

Co-founder Cyan Robotics

“With Freedom’s interface, we can maintain our fleet remotely and in one place allowing us to iterate and tweak things quickly as they come up. The platform’s feature completeness and robustness would have taken us years to build out and maintain and that’s time not working on our product.”