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Real time Device Monitoring, Fleet Management & Traffic Control enabling interoperability across your entire fleet of robots.

A "single pane of glass" to monitor your devices, designed to efficiently manage, deploy, automate and scale heterogeneous robotic fleets across complex environments.

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Go back in time and deep dive into device errors to determine the root cause


Intersection and bottleneck traffic management across devices of different brands


Analyze errors at the fleet level and all your devices on a single map. See where your most common errors occur

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Real time Device Monitoring

  • Powerful monitoring across your entire robot fleet regardless of brand.
  • Organized efficiently and available for replay at a moment's notice.
  • Customizable dashboards let you get insights in seconds about the present or past state of a robot.
  • Enable collaboration between teams with fast and secure sharing of data and dashboards.
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Traffic Deconfliction
& Fleet control

  • Drive automation, coordination, and control of robots across all brands utilizing a proprietary abstraction layer.
  • Automatically trigger actions on a device based on the state of a different device.
  • Manage traffic flow across brands to avoid bottlenecks and manage intersections.
  • Manually trigger pre-programed commands to resolve downtime issues.
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Fleet Monitoring
& Management

  • Know where your devices are at all times & react to faults and errors in real-time.

  • Optimize workflows based on usage statistics & error reports to make operational improvements quickly.

  • Analyze data across your entire fleet and make informed decisions to ensure uptime and manage cost overruns.

  • Predict failure or downtime before it happens and improve operational efficiency.

Lower Overhead Costs

5x increasein number of robots a single operator can manage

Efficiency Improvement

75% reductionin service interruptions2x utilizationof robotics fleets


3x faster rollout of robotics initiatives50% reductionin System Integrator support costs

With Our Platform

Built for scalable deployments

Easily copy and paste device configurations
across your robotics fleet

Focused on Continuous Improvement

Real-time analytics and reporting on uptime, performance, efficiency, and faults

Much Faster Robot Fault Resolution

A single, actionable view on your entire robotics fleet combined with advanced teleoperation

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Accelerate Your Robot ROI

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Our demo factory, with real robots, provides a live look at collision avoidance scenarios, fleet monitoring and performance analytics - book a demo with us to see the platform in action.


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